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Drake Donovan

Drake Donovan spent nearly 20 years working in radio broadcasting before striking out on his own as a freelance voice-actor.  In the years since he left day-to-day radio life, he found a lot of folks who operated small businesses had a need for his type of skill set in marketing their products and services.

So in 2017, Drake moved the domain,, to this website to provide small business owners with access to his talents for copy-writing, graphic design, audio/video production and voice-over.  "I've come across many business owners who have a vision for how to market their business but either don't have the time to see it through or lack the talents to make it come to fruition.  That's where I can help."

From simple things like creating graphics for social media posts, setting up a blog site or Instagram account or helping write ad copy to full-blown multi-media marketing campaigns, 

DDCS can make your brand come to life without blowing your marketing budget.



Here is a sampling of some of the TV & Radio Commercials produced and/or written by DDCS along with graphics created for social media content marketing.  Business categories featured include Automotive (sales and service), Broadcast, HVAC, Restaurant, Wholesale Supply, Real Estate, and Manufacturing. 

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Gault Heating Winter Direct Mai
James Martin Chevy 2019 Poster
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